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2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-eight

Obviously, last week’s news about my job has put me in a bit of a tailspin. I’m quite behind on reading blogs, and my plan to get our Christmas cards out fell by the wayside (mainly because I’m in charge of the annual poem and as you might imagine the words I’d like to write aren’t exactly family friendly). However, life does continue to move along and some fun and fabulous things happened this week. Sunday, November 26th Still at the beach. I actually got out there & walked. I thought I’d be cold & didn’t actually bring anything to wear to walk on the beach, but it turned out that these shoes worked just fine.

While I was walking, Dr. M was scoping out dolphins!

Our view really was quite lovely.

Monday, November 27th We meandered home today, stopping for a bit at the Caswell Beach Lighthouse, which was decorated for the season.

Tuesday, November 28th Dr. M started decorating for Christmas! (Please note, this theme continues for the rest of the week.)

Wednesday, November 29th

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