Monday, October 16, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty-one

Dr. M wrote a blog post for the first time in a while. You should check it out here! This week’s pictures are a good mixture of mundane (me) and heavenly (Dr. M).
Sunday, October 8th        
In the latest chapter of my recovery, I put the bath mats back down in the bathroom (area rugs of any kind are NOT recommended for walker/cane users).

Monday, October 9th                      
Temperature scarf update. The summer colors haven’t been all that exciting, but now that it’s fall it feels like the colors are changing every other day. I’m creating another monster – it’s almost 7 feet long & I have fewer than 5 months left to go.

Tuesday, October 10th                                     
My latest project – navy and orange, by request.

And the recipient of my last project (with a cameo by Jax)! I was complaining about my old fitbit when Kelly offered to send me one that she wasn’t using. It’s the best thing! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I even bought a super cute purple band for it. So I made her a hat as a thank you gift. THANK YOU Kels!

Dr. M gave us an astronomy lesson: “At the bottom is Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper, with Polaris, the North Star, at the tip of the handle. Straight above is Cephus, King of Aethiopia. By his side (your right) is his wife, Cassiopeia, with the older rendering in red and the more modern W in light blue. Cephus and Cassiopeia parented Andromeda, another modern-day constellation. Not highlighted are parts of Draco, the Dragon, who dominates the October evening sky. I'm not ideally situated to capture Draco in all his glory, but maybe I can catch most of him just after sunset (it gets dark fast in these parts).” (Note: he did catch the dragon.)

Wednesday, October 11th                              
Starry starry night…

Plus, Cassiopeia again.

Thursday, October 12th                          
Today’s walk. Looks autumnal, doesn’t it? It was almost 80 degrees!

Eating these makes me want to say, “Bam bam! Bam bam bam!” #cheesygoodness #theflintstones #bambam

Dr. M went on a flower safari.

Friday, October 13th                 
It is a sad state of affairs when you work from home & are too trifling to walk 50 steps to get a hair clip. 

Saturday, October 14th                     
I went yarn shopping and somehow ended up in a hardware store. I have always lusted after these in my heart. I could use one to store yarn, right?

And here is Draco the dragon. The little dipper is in blue.

After a spate of warm days, today it was finally cool enough to feel like fall.  Is it seasonal where you are?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Forty

This was a week of milestones and more moon & sky. Nice! Plus, a ridiculous number of pictures. 
Sunday, October 1st        
Dr. M had insomnia. His sleep loss, our gain!

My church had a picnic & bluegrass band in the evening – it was fun! Does anyone know why I always put my tongue between my teeth in pictures?

More sky! See the dots in a line in the center bottom of the picture, just to the left of the pine tree? Airplane!

Monday, October 2nd                     
Seen around the yard.

Got into bed & checked my “mileage.” What do you think I did next?

Tuesday, October 3rd                                    
My first cane-free walk!

The sky. Love these pictures.

Wednesday, October 4th                              
Did you know that sheep stare at Dr. M?

Finished a project for someone – a thank you present (subject of a later post). Her school colors!

Thursday, October 5th                          
Shine on, shine on harvest moon (up in the sky)...

Friday, October 6th                
I had another follow-up visit with my surgeon’s office. I heard the words “phenomenal” and “fantastic” regarding my range of motion. Yes, I am pretty pleased with myself.

Later that day I walked over half a mile. The last time I had surgery it took so much longer to get to this point in my recovery. I’m just so very grateful!


Saturday, October 7th                     
As promised, the final result of the purple project. I made it to wear as a belt for another project (below), but it didn’t really work for that. I think it looks pretty good with jeans.

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever crocheted - a ruana. If it’s ever cold enough for me to wear it, I’ll have Dr. M take a picture so you can see just how weird it is. But it’s very soft & warm, so I might not care. Ha!

I hit another milestone. In January, my Fitbit app changed my daily goal to 7,000 steps because I was struggling so much at the end of last year. So my Fitbit and I were very excited to hit that goal. I’m pretty sure this means that I am no longer the least bit a patient & I need to start doing all those tasks that I had to turn over to Dr. M back in May.

Later today I am prepared to do battle with the dreaded vacuum cleaner. What fun & exciting thing did you do this weekend?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-nine

I called the hospital billing office on Friday & they said that my refund could take up to 30 days. When I expressed my displeasure, the rep said that I could call each week for an update – basically telling me to be a squeaky wheel. So, I shall call every Friday!

This week is all about the moon & stars. Dr. M spent some time going over the manual settings for his camera, with some very fine results which you will see below.
Sunday, September 24th       
The bulletin from church. Seems rather prophetic with regard to certain presidential tweets about Puerto Rico.

Monday, September 25th                    
I was blocking these triangles that I crocheted for a scarf. I was increasingly unsure about this project, but the final result is pretty cool (see Wednesday below).

The moon!

Tuesday, September 26th                                   
I saw these terribly cute ghosts on my short walk today.

Wednesday, September 27th                              
Ta-da! I think it turned out pretty well. However, that yarn has some wool in it (Caron Cake in the Red Velvet colorway), and I’m not at all sure when I’ll be wearing it down here. Perhaps at the end of winter, if it’s just been sitting in a bin, I’ll have a giveaway.

That evening I went to a cousin’s daughter’s college soccer game. Friday night lights! On a Wednesday. With soccer. Which is actually football, right?

While I was there I took this photo in one of the buildings. Made me all nostalgic.

Thursday, September 28th                          
The moon!

Friday, September 29th                
Another new crochet project. It didn’t work out for what I’d intended it for, but I think it will still be useful. Picture of the finished project later. (Do you call it vaguebooking if you’re doing it on a blog?)

We sat outside for a while Friday night, listening to the local high school football game. I’m wearing another crochet project. Possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever made. I’ll show it to you later too.

Meanwhile, Dr. M was experimenting with the camera.

Saturday, September 30th                     
Dr. M spent a lot of the day on the deck, to great effect. At least I think so. That last picture? WOW.  

People! My last appointment with my surgeon isn’t until Friday, but as of tomorrow I consider myself to be restriction free! Here’s to tying my own shoes! Here’s to shaving my legs! Here’s to picking up that stupid soap that’s still in the bottom of my shower after I dropped it yesterday! Huzzah! What are you excited about this week?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Random Medical Stories

Here is how you put a sock on when you're not able to bend down to your feet (or cross your legs). It's pretty ingenious & I may continue to use it just for the fun of using a gadget.

This was a sorry state of affairs. I was in my office & dropped my grabber. Rather than ask Dr. M to pick it up for me I went into the kitchen & got our other grabber. I guess if I'd dropped that one too I would have had to call for backup.

I received this bill in the mail. On the back it said: Your insurance carrier has processed your claim. The remaining balance on the account is your responsibility. I was understandably a little bit freaked out.

I had been keeping an eye on the hospital bill on my insurance website, but it had not been finalized. I called my insurance company and was told that the amount that I actually owe is a little over $600. She called the hospital to find out why they sent a bill before they heard back from insurance & was told that it wasn't really a bill. It was just a notification. We both were a little bit skeptical. What do you think? Would you think this was a bill?

During my pre-op hospital visit they had me go ahead & pay the amount that they thought would be due after my insurance was processed - a little over $3,000. So they actually owe me money. They sent this not-bill 18 days after my surgery. How quickly do you think they'll process my refund?

Note: The care I received and the staff at the hospital was top notch. Even the food was good. However, I'm a little disappointed in the billing department at the moment!