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2018 Project 365 – Week Fifteen

This week is all about selfies, crochet, and FLOWERS. While our weather has been nothing like you folks who are still getting snow (!!), we have had uneven temps. Last night it got back down into the 30s. So these glimpses of spring have been extra lovely.

P.S. Last week I spelled "impatiens" with a t - "impatients" which is basically how I've felt waiting for spring. Ha!

Sunday, April 7th Sunday selfie. The “Growing out My Bangs and WHY DO I THINK I WANT HAIR ON MY NECK” edition. Almost hourly I vow to get a haircut and then change my mind.

More fun with butterfly bobbins. This pattern turned out to be fun to work up, even though there were a TON of ends to weave in.

Monday, April 9th Flowers in our yard. Clockwise from top left: phlox, snapdragons with a billion wildflower shoots, more phlox, and Ms. Rita the geranium.

Tuesday, April 10th The square I was working on the previous Sunday.

“Weeds” from our yard – we mostly think they’re great.

Other people’s flo…

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