Monday, September 18, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-seven

Other than a cameo of my hairy legs, there are no human pictures this week. I know you’re very excited.
Sunday, September 10th       
I did my 10 on 10 today, so you can go here to see those pictures. While I was doing all that, Dr. M took a picture of our little hummer.

Monday, September 11th                    
I posted this on Instagram with this caption: Adventures in domesticity. I dropped my soap in the shower, and since I can't bend over yet & since my grabber does NOT work in this situation, that soap can just sit there & think about the error of its ways. On the other hand, my sweetie successfully folded a fitted sheet! #totalhipreplacement #healreadypickedupthesoap #sheetmiracle

Tuesday, September 12th                                   
Look at the fabulous dinner Dr. M made! There's are actual vegetables on there!

Wednesday, September 13th                              
Red-spotted Purple Butterfly! I haven’t been very impressed with our Sedum (it’s kind of a mess), but butterflies & bees love it so I guess we’ll keep it.

Our petunias & morning glories are looking a little worse for the wear, but still putting on some pretty blooms, which Ms. Hummer really appreciates. And Ms. Pinky has put out one last (?) bloom of the season – and Ms. Hummer loves it too.

Meanwhile, The Weather Channel apparently doesn’t know who it’s dealing with. Ha!

Thursday, September 14th                         
I’m pretty excited to see this number continue to creep up. Hopefully I’ll soon be hitting my goal of 10,000 steps (last reached on May 1st).

We had some pretty high winds on Monday (Hurricane Irma residue), and the penguin wind chime migrated to the other side of the swing. No ill effects though. And Roy’s owner fenced in her back yard so he’d have a bigger area to play in. We think she got complaints from some neighbors about him roaming around. Not from us though. We love Roy!

Friday, September 15th               
Heather is going to simply disappear any time now.

Saturday, September 16th                   
Look! I changed my own sheets today! Very exciting!

I’ve had to wear these compression cuffs on my legs every night since my surgery. But I got to kick them to the curb this morning (Monday, when I’m writing this). So excited! Maybe I’ll try to sleep on my side now. Plus, those nocturnal trips to the bathroom will be MUCH less complicated. Woo hoo!

I’m continuing to take baby steps, and continuing to remind myself not to bend past 90 degrees. Two more weeks of that restriction & then I shall start wearing shoes with laces! Oh, and shaving. What are you looking forward to?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month! This time the 10th was on a Sunday so I decided to give it a go. I was up early for a change, eating breakfast in bed & playing on my iPad.

Look here! I am driving all by myself to the senior center to sing with my dad & aunts.

The senior center has some lovely crepe myrtles. I didn't take any pictures of people because I'm a terrible blogger.

Heading from the senior center to church - I opened the sun roof on the car. It was a lovely day.

The funky little church I'm attending now.

On my way home from church I stopped at Sheetz for the best egg salad sandwiches in the world, and I was rewarded with a special surprise! I love Cadbury Eggs. Ha!



Afternoon baseball is the best.

I took a little ramble in the back yard.

My friend Betina was riding out the storm in Florida and talking about stress eating chocolate. So in solidarity with her I took ONE BITE of ice cream.

It was a really nice day. I enjoyed getting out & about on my own! What did you do on Sunday?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-six

Remember how I said I had too many selfies last week? Ha! This week there’s a picture of me practically every day. Sheesh. But before we get to my narcissistic week, I’d like to say that I don’t care what “category” Irma is, she is pretty darned scary! I’m praying for my friends in her path.
Sunday, September 3rd      
I had a craving for a Sonic Concrete, so I made Dr. M get me out of the house.

Heather, looking splendiferous as usual.

Monday, September 4th                    
I posted this picture on Facebook & said that I did not have crochet attention deficit disorder just because I abandoned three other projects to start a new one.

Lookit! My daily walk, reinstituted! I won’t always post these every day, but I will for a little while to stay motivated. Please note that by “daily walk,” I currently mean going out my door, rambling around the yard or the street, and then coming back inside.

Tuesday, September 5th                                   
I had my two week follow-up appointment with my surgeon. He says I’m doing really well, and he told me I could be 100% weight bearing & start using my cane. Sweet!

Wednesday, September 6th                              
Today’s ramble outside.

Thursday, September 7th                         
This time I remembered to use my map program to record my vast distance. Ha!

No one is safe from yarn in our house.

The moon!

Friday, September 8th               
I finished the project I started on Monday. I like this pattern! This was a gift – I might have to make one for myself.

Yeah yeah yeah – another walk.

Saturday, September 9th                   
I made Dr. M let me drive to the grocery store. And then I WENT IN & SHOPPED! I haven’t been inside a grocery store for months. I had a little bit of sensory overload going on here. And Dr. M was going, “why exactly are we here again?” (Note: I had stopped taking my narcotic much earlier in the day so I wasn’t impaired on the road – ha!)

I think the hardest part of this recovery for me is going to be that I feel so great (yes, I’m sore, but it’s not that bad) that I’ll forget that I still have another three weeks of not bending over too far or crossing my legs. I need to be extra careful now because while this surgery went very well, it “only” has a 90% success rate. So chill Ms. Bug & don’t make Dr. M have to tie you to a chair!

Monday, September 4, 2017

2017 Project 365 – Week Thirty-five

This week I have about a billion food pictures, plus a smidge too many selfies, but it’s balanced out by pretty things like the moon and flowers.
Sunday, August 27th     
The only picture I took today – cookies! My cousin Kim and her daughter brought Dr. M and me a plate from the church picnic – so thoughtful! You’ll see the real food in tomorrow’s pictures.

Monday, August 28th                    
Here is all my food for the day. Firstly, I had BBQ and baked beans for breakfast. I was rummaging around for an eating utensil & could only find a cocktail fork – ha! Dr. M found something a little more suitable – and then he ran the dishwasher. Next is lunch – the aforementioned picnic delivery. Yum! Finally, dinner – an apple, a banana, and Nekots. We are all about nutrition in the Bug Household.

I got a present in the mail today! These Ohio friends speak my love language. Plus, they included something for Dr. M. Thanks Donna & Krista!

Tuesday, August 29th                                   
Dr. M spent some time stalking the wildlife in our yard today. Wild turkeys! That squirrel though…

I finished the wedding gift I was making for my cousin’s daughter (why yes I DID keep the other blanket for myself - ha!).

The moon!

Wednesday, August 30th                              
Free Range Bug with some of our flora. My physical therapist had me walking down the driveway today.

Thursday, August 31st                         
I was awake at 3:00 a.m. worried about my friend Ellen in Texas, and I was starving. Not sure the buttered roll was the best idea – ha!

Physical therapy goes much more smoothly when you have a penguin pillow assistant! (One of my exercises requires a pillow under my knee – Mavis is perfect!)

Friday, September 1st              
I told Facebook that I was going to comb my hair after my shower, but why mess with perfection?

More presents! This time my friend Becci sent some of her Feryl Designs jewelry. Am I a lucky Bug or what?

Speaking of lucky – my aunt Vivian brought us this fabulous meal. So yummy! We’ve been so blessed with food deliveries in the midst of all of this madness – Dr. M’s aunts brought Bojangles on Tuesday, and my dad & Sue brought food on Saturday, and my brother’s wife brought pizza the Friday before. I should have been keeping a journal so I can keep track!

Saturday, September 2nd                  
I forgot to mention that Kim also brought this gorgeous mum – so pretty!

Another selfie – I was supposed to go to the engagement party for the couple who are getting the blanket, but I was worn out from watching other people clean my house (thanks Daddy, Sue, & Dr. M!). I took a two hour nap!

I will leave you with this, from the book I’m currently reading. What does it even mean?

I have one more day off and then I start back to work. I’m a little nervous about it – I think it will be quite some time before I get caught up!  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

That Time My Nephew Was a Daredevil Romantic

My nephew Brandon recently returned from Afghanistan (he's a medic in the Army). He got to have a nice long leave at home before reporting to Fort Campbell & he decided that this was the perfect time to do something crazy and romantic with his girlfriend, Britt.

He told her that they were going skydiving. Britt had never been in a plane before, so already this was a crazy venture - get into a tiny plane for the first time & then JUMP OUT OF IT?

She was game, which just shows that they were meant for each other.

On the way down, her dive partner had to direct her gaze to one very important part of the field, where a bunch of giddy family members were waiting. (Pretend the banner is laying on the ground.)

It was a pretty emotional moment for Britt - well, and frankly for the rest of us too! Thank goodness she said yes!

And now we're planning a December 30th wedding! Congratulations you crazy kids! (I actually mean that literally, you know.)