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2018 Project 365 – Week Nineteen

Hey look – I’m doing my post a full day earlier than I did it last week. Why, by October I might actually be timely! Sunday, May 6th Our peonies were gorgeous!

I’m always interested in how the bud of a flower is often a totally different color than the open flower.

Another square, in the blue, black, & grey color scheme (obvs.).

Sunday Selfie. I wore this to church & was trying to decide whether or not to wear it to work the next day. It’s a bit outside my comfort zone – purchased for our 25th anniversary cruise, actually. I decided to go ahead & wear it.

Monday, May 7th I came home from work & Sunny had acquired this terribly cute bird bath! And then it has proceeded to rain pretty much every day since. Ha!

Tuesday, May 8th Another day, another square…

We have a regular United Nations of birds going on here. Clockwise, from the top right: Grackles, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, Brown Thrasher, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, Eastern Phoebe, Doves, and a very rare Bunny …

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